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In our people-centric strategic alignment process, we align and empower leaders and employees at all levels to unleash their full potential in line with your key business purpose, values, and goals. In this alignment process, we follow a solid five-step approach, as outlined on this page.

Central to our approach is our proven concept of Human Logic. Our validated and trusted behavior analysis offers valuable insights into the people dynamics in your organization. During our interventions, participants learn to understand the subconscious interpersonal preferences and cognitive patterns of self and others, fostering a highly collaborative culture based on trust and respect.

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We start with an in-depth intake process, where we delve into your organization's purpose, values, goals, and challenges, followed by interviews with key leaders and staff members to gain insights into the inner workings of your organization, its culture, and your key markets. We analyze areas of misalignment, define the desired state, and define the deliverables of our intervention.

Armed with this comprehensive understanding, we craft a tailor-made roadmap addressing the identified areas of improvement. We fine-tune the roadmap with you and your key people, ensuring that it accurately reflects your needs and aspirations. Throughout this process, we remain flexible and responsive, ready to adapt our approach to meet evolving circumstances.

Recognizing the pivotal role of leadership in driving organizational change and growth, we begin our interventions by aligning and empowering your leadership team, equipping them with the skills, mindset, and tools necessary to inspire and guide their teams effectively. This is a key step in the alignment process.

With leadership aligned, we then extend our focus to the broader teams within your organization, fostering a culture of collaboration, inclusion, and continuous improvement from the ground up. Together with your leadership team we execute the agreed program step-by-step, ensuring clarity and transparency at every stage and every level, and assuring that your leaders take full ownership for the process and results.

Incorporating regular evaluations, we provide opportunities for feedback and reflection between each step. This iterative approach enables us to continuously refine and optimize our interventions, maximizing their effectiveness and impact. By the end of our assignment, we conduct a final audit together with you, assessing the concrete results of our intervention, and collecting lessons-learned to further improve our interventions.

Our approach in five steps.

Our approach in five steps.

You can trust that our strategic alignment approach is not just about delivering quick fixes but about fostering sustainable transformation that permeates every level of your organization, fully in line with your purpose and specific challenges.

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We have worked with JD and his team for over ten years. During this time, he has helped us to develop our strategic path and to align our organization. We have worked in several formats, from 1:1 coaching to corporate events with 40+ key managers. It is a rare combination of a sharp analytical mind with a deep generic empathy that made JD an exceptional coach through all these years! And the results are measurable. During the last 10 years we have almost doubled the size of our company. A success to which JD contributed a lot. Conclusion: Highly recommended!

Dr. Matthias Redlefsen
Managing Director