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J.D. is an extraordinary personality. Working with him is always extremely inspiring and personally very valuable. Thanks to his help, I was able to form a real team from a newly assembled crew in several workshops within a very short time. J.D. draws on a solid theoretical knowledge of behavioral styles and thus stands out pleasantly from many popular scientific works on this topic. He does not leave the participants alone with their insights about their own personality, but strives to develop a common understanding of the different characters and their individual needs in the context of the seminar. This increases the impact on the group enormously and leads to real understanding, also in the later practice in the company. Through his personal empathy, he manages to give each participant something to take with them – sometimes this can be a nut to crack. J.D. has also given me important impulses in my personal development. I am very grateful that I was privileged to work with him.

Rainer Krug