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J.D. is a great teacher and very impressive person to deal with. His soft skills are amazing! During the classes at the ‘Leadership & Human Logic’ course at kmbs, J.D. has managed to involve any student into live discussion, and has shared with the students his wisdom and years of leadership & behavioral experience. I really enjoyed J.D.’s classes, and I recommend J.D. for his professional approach and for the gift of sharing his knowledge with the very simple words which reflected in my brains and heart.

Olga Magaletska
Head of Office

Gain access to experienced instructors and a wealth of knowledge in human behavior, leadership development, and team engagement. Benefit from the expertise of seasoned professionals who can guide you in enhancing your training programs and coaching offerings.

Receive access to a cutting-edge training curriculum developed by Human Logic Academy, designed to empower individuals and organizations to unlock their full potential. Stay at the forefront of industry trends and methodologies to deliver impactful training experiences.

Utilize the advanced Human Logic psychometric survey tool to assess and analyze behavior patterns, enabling you to provide personalized coaching and guidance to your clients. Access to such powerful tools enhances the effectiveness of your training and coaching practice and enables you to deliver tailored solutions to meet the needs of your clients.

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As trainer, coach, or in-house training manager, you can enhance your credibility as people development professional by aligning with Human Logic Academy.

Human Logic certification serves as a testament to your expertise and your commitment to professional talent management.

Enthusiasm, adaptability, and fast pace are key traits of the Expressive-style person.

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Opting for the full Human Logic behavior style test offers you a comprehensive profile, drawing from both your self-assessment and evaluations by six peers.

In the personalized 200+ page report, you'll receive tailored guidance on enhancing your effectiveness as a leader or specialist.

Given that peer assessments typically offer a more accurate reflection of reality compared to self-assessments, we strongly advocate for taking the deep dive with the full test.