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In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, it’s crucial for organizations to have superior alignment and agility to stay ahead of the curve, supported by a clear sense of purpose that resonates with their employees and stakeholders. At the core of this is effective leadership, inspiring empowered staff to go the extra mile. Through our people-focused leadership and team development initiatives, we align and empower leaders and employees at all levels to unleash their full potential, fostering a culture of purpose, trust, inclusion, and continuous improvement.

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Coaching & Mediation.

As qualified coaches and mediators, we are dedicated to assisting you in recognizing your personal strengths and overcoming obstacles, with the ultimate goal of unlocking your full potential as an entrepreneur, leader, or specialist. We guide you in discovering your equilibrium between purpose, self-awareness, empathy, and adaptability. Unlike a traditional teacher-student relationship, our approach is one-on-one and collaborative, aiming to optimize your distinct personal and professional capabilities.

We create inclusion.

Leadership & Team Development.

Investing in your leadership and their teams yields numerous compelling benefits. Individuals who feel integral to a purpose-driven team are over twice as likely to be fully engaged compared to those who don't feel connected to a team or lack a sense of purpose. Additionally, team members who feel valued for their unique contributions and feel embraced for their identity are once again twice as likely to be fully engaged, in contrast to those who feel marginalized or excluded.

We assure stability and growth.

Interim Management.

Our senior associates offer a steadfast presence and drive growth during periods of change, setbacks, or when your organization faces competency gaps. Each of the interim managers within our global network possesses a proven track record of hands-on leadership experience across various domains, including entrepreneurship, general management, marketing & sales, research & development, talent & culture, and financial management.

We assure total alignment.

Management Consulting.

As specialists in strategic alignment, we excel in assisting you in realigning your core business purpose with your values, strategic goals, processes, and people. Our approach is modest, focused, and pragmatic, ensuring that your leadership and workforce fully take ownership of the process. We provide support without imposing ourselves, preferring to remain in the background. Ultimately, the outcomes are owned by you and your team.

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Almost 3 weeks after attending JD’s Leadership Behavior class, I keep talking and thinking about it with people around me. When applied daily, the model explained and illustrated with real examples from JD’s experience or our behaviors is really efficient. Beyond the dominated subject, JD paid a lot of attention to each student, adapting his speech and methods, making sure we all got the point. Moreover JD showed himself as really human and sensitive to integrity. Thank you very much for this memorable seminar !

Elodie Dauger
Senior Consultant Supervisor