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Purpose. Trust. Inclusion.

Investing in effective leadership and team development promises a multitude of benefits. Participation in a purpose-driven team enhances employee morale and performance significantly.

The power of teamwork.

Individuals who perceive themselves as integral members of purpose-driven teams are more than twice as likely to be fully engaged compared to those who lack such connections or sense of purpose. Moreover, team members who feel appreciated for their unique contributions and respected for their identities are again twice as likely to be fully engaged, contrasting with those who feel marginalized or overlooked.

The dazzling impact of purpose and trust.

The primary finding of a global survey on employee engagement conducted in 2022 by the ADP Research Institute among 19,346 full-time and part-time employees across 19 countries suggests that merely 16% of employees are fully engaged, leaving a staggering 84% simply going through the motions at work. The difference is in the level of trust employees have in their team leaders, and their sense of purpose and inclusion. This eye-opening revelation from a reputable research body underscores the lack of focus many organizations place on developing leaders and fostering purpose, trust, and inclusion.

How do we boost employee engagement?

The solution is as clear as it is direct: by bolstering trust in leadership, fostering cohesive, inclusive, purpose-driven teams, and nurturing social versatility—actively acknowledging, supporting, and celebrating the diverse personality characteristics among team members.

We start with your leaders.

We have good reasons to start with your team leaders. ADP’s 2022 survey underscores the significance of trust in team leaders, revealing that team members are an astounding twelve times more likely to be fully engaged when they have confidence in their leader.

In our rigorous Human Logic-based leadership training program, we cover a diverse range of vital leadership competencies. These include social  versatility, proficient self-management and prioritization skills, skillful management of change, strategic empowerment and delegation skills, effective conflict resolution skills, and adept skills in managing challenging individuals and toxic behaviors.

Understanding, appreciating, and accommodating the complexities of human behavior will yield substantial influence on leaders’ ability to engage employees, irrespective of individual personalities. This approach promises to enhance the quality of teams and, ultimately, to positively impact the overall performance of the organization.

We follow up with dedicated team training.

Following the leadership training program, it’s essential to provide follow-up training for the leaders’ teams. These sessions serve to reinforce the Human Logic concept and other concepts introduced during the leadership training, offering practical examples and hands-on exercises tailored to the team’s specific needs. Through interactive workshops and group discussions, team members deepen their understanding of key principles and learn how to apply them in their daily work.

Follow-up training allows for ongoing support and guidance as teams encounter real-world challenges. By providing a forum for open dialogue and problem-solving, leaders help their teams navigate obstacles and refine their skills. This iterative approach fosters continuous improvement and promotes a culture of trust and inclusion, ultimately leading to greater engagement and higher performance among team members.

Additionally, follow-up training sessions are an opportunity to assess progress and identify areas for further development. Through feedback mechanisms such as surveys or one-on-one coaching sessions, leaders can gauge the effectiveness of the training program and tailor future sessions to address specific needs or gaps in knowledge. By staying proactive and responsive to the evolving needs of their teams, leaders ensure that their organizations remain agile and resilient in the face of change.

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