Interim management.

Personal. Engaged. Pragmatic.

With operational experience in general management, marketing & sales, research & development, people & talent, and treasury & finance, our dedicated interim managers offer an engaged and pragmatic approach to interim management.

General Management.

In general management, we excel in overseeing day-to-day strategic alignment, synchronized operations, strategic planning, and organizational change and development, ensuring smooth and effective decision-making and successful organizational transitions.

Marketing & Sales.

Our experience in marketing and sales enables us to drive revenue growth, develop market strategies, and optimize sales channels to maximize profitability, in close collaboration with other key functions such as research and development and supply chain.

Research & Development.

Our highly experienced R&D expert brings a deep understanding of research processes, innovation, and technology implementation, guiding your organization towards breakthrough developments and competitive advantage closely synchronized with your marketing & sales and supply chain organizations.

People & Talent.

Our people and talent management experts foster a positive workplace culture, developing talent pipelines and implementing effective HR strategies to enhance employee engagement and retention.

Treasury & Finance.

Our financial management expert provides critical insights and hands-on support into budgeting, financial analysis, and cash flow management, ensuring sustainable financial stability and growth.

Our specialized Interim Managers.

We'd like to listen to what you need.

J.D. Geertsema
Founder | Senior Associate | Global Human Logic Ambassador
Nadine Bautz
Human Logic Ambassador | Certified Coach & Resilience Trainer | Transformation & Change Specialist
Dr. Johan Peleman
Expert R&D and Innovation Management
Marc van Wanroij
Expert Marketing & Sales Management

Enthusiasm, adaptability, and fast pace are key traits of the Expressive-style person.

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