Nadine Bautz

Human Logic Ambassador | Certified Coach & Resilience Trainer | Transformation & Change Specialist


Nadine Bautz brings nearly three decades of international HR expertise in people management and development, transformation, coaching, and training across the mechatronics, biotech, and seed industries, as well as in her own business established in 2016.

Passionate about coaching individuals and organizations to successfully and sustainably navigate transformation, Nadine is driven by supporting people in mastering personal and organizational change through taking responsibility – recognizing that each change begins with oneself!

Her primary focus is on empowering leaders and teams to navigate a complex and rapidly changing environment by enhancing their resilience, the meta-competence that provides access to resources during turbulent times. In the realm of daily business, and particularly amidst change, effective leadership entails providing safety, comprehensibility, manageability, and meaningfulness. This requires individuals who can calmly and constructively address challenges and pressure. The ability to learn and grow from crises leads to powerful leadership and high-performing teams that can adapt more quickly and healthily to change.

Nadine’s clients perceive her as systematic and results-driven, offering stable processes and effective tools, pragmatically and straightforwardly. Dedicated to people, Nadine excels at building relationships and trust to create a safe space where individuals can open up. Through identifying key trigger points and probing for meaningful insights, she empowers others to explore different perspectives and develop their own solutions.

  • Coaching
  • Resilience Training
  • Transformation
  • Change
  • HR Projects

“Transformation and change rarely fails due to the chosen methodology, structures, processes or the achievement of its quantitative goals. What makes it stumble or even fail is a lack of resilient leadership and underestimating the aspects of Human Logic.”