Marc van Wanroij

Expert Marketing & Sales Management


Marc van Wanroij brings a wealth of experience from the food industry, food ingredients sectors, and agribusiness, showcasing exceptional leadership in strategic planning, operational management, and innovation throughout his career.

Demonstrating his entrepreneurial flair, Marc founded Keesmakers, successfully developing a unique healthy cheese brand and expanding its market presence. This achievement hinged on his meticulous management of an adaptable supply chain, supported by robust financial insights and cash flow management.

With extensive experience in sales and commercial management across Europe and Asia, Marc has honed his expertise in market expansion, strategic growth planning, and operational excellence. As management consultant and hands-on interim manager, Marc adeptly facilitates change management, company integration, and business development while prioritizing the human element. Human Logic is the solid foundation on which Marc builds highly productive teams.

Marc’s track record of leadership, strategic integration, and growth initiatives makes him a valuable asset in his role as consultant and  interim manager, poised to guide teams towards greater success and innovation.

  • Marketing, Sales, and Supply Chain Development.
  • Management Consulting.
  • Interim Management.

"Building trust creates opportunities for personal and business growth and streamlined teams, which is essential for staying ahead of the crowd."