Svitlana Chernyshova

Senior Associate | Human Logic Ambassador | Expert Business Education & Management


Svitlana studied practical psychology at Dnipropetrovsk University, before starting a career in business education. After her successful tenure as MBA programs leader and later CEO of the Kyiv Mohyla Business School-at the time considered by many as the benchmark for business education in Central Europe-Svitlana in 2015 became senior associate in Human Logic Academy, responsible for designing and executing leadership development and in-house MBA programs.

Based on her extensive experience as business education expert and organizational psychologist, Svitlana is a key contributor to the design of our leadership development initiatives.

Clients praise Svitlana for her professionalism, her keen analytical abilities, and her unwavering dedication to crafting and implementing exceptional business education programs customized to each client’s requirements.

  • Company Development Consultant
  • Leadership Development Consultant
  • In-House MBA Programs
  • Business Education Expert

"Success hinges significantly more on emotional intelligence than on cognitive intelligence. Grasping the rationale behind human behavior is indispensable for effective leadership, which is why Human Logic is at the core of all our interventions."