J.D. Geertsema

Founder | Senior Associate | Global Human Logic Ambassador


Driven by a profound dedication to understanding human dynamics, J.D. in 2001 established the Human Logic Academy. With roles spanning from management consultant to university lecturer, J.D. specializes in leadership and organizational behavior. His seminal work, ‘Human Logic – Cracking the Code of Human Behavior’, stands as a definitive exploration of behavior styles and adaptable leadership. Drawing from over 40 years of global operational leadership, extensive behavior research, and decades of consulting and coaching, J.D. offers unparalleled organizational development expertise.

Clients commend J.D. for his keen analytical prowess, practical approach, and insightful grasp of interpersonal interactions. Specializing in organizational change processes, executive coaching, management development, and personal counselling, J.D. is committed to empowering individuals and teams alike.

Incorporate the expertise of J.D. to navigate organizational complexities and unlock the full potential of leadership and team engagement.

  • Organizational change processes.
  • Boardroom- and executive coaching.
  • Leadership development and -training.
  • Personal counselling.
  • Event speaking.

"Your ultimate success hinges on the caliber of your leadership and the level of engagement among your people. Developing this is our Passion!"